Jobs after MS in the USA

Master of Science (MS) is now a day’s one of the hardest degree to achieve. There are plenty of fields in MS, which are medicine, computer, mathematics, and many others. This degree granted to those who worked hard in their specific selected fields like engineering, medical, or mathematics. MS degree requires a thesis and many assignments to achieve the badge of being a Master in a particular field.

Usually, everyone thinks that after having a degree of MS, they will get a job easily, but it is not much easy as everyone thinks. There is no company or an organization which is clearly put their focus on the only degree.

They need experience contenders with the MS degree. Although everyone has to struggle to get their desire job.

Common areas or subjects of MS

There are plenty of fields in the Master of Science degree, but in the time of technology, computer Science is on trending. But there are also some other fields which can give a benefit.

  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer
  • Zoology
  • Accounting
  • Counselling
  • Analysis
  • Finance
  • Nursing
  • Farming

And hundreds of fields are in this degree.

Requirements for this degree

It is not tranquil to get the degree for this particular course; you still require to pass these specific tasks.

  • Graduation
  • GPA
  • Admission test
  • Thesis
  • Exam


The initial step is the most important step to do to get the eligibility for the MS degree. If you don’t have a graduation degree, then it will not be possible for you to get admission in this program. You have to complete 14th years of education than to apply for the Master of Science degree.


After completing the first step, the second and the important one is your score or GPA that you achieve in your last academic period. You have to score 75% to get admission at any respectable university. Basically, you have to do hard work to maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. This GPA is the score that university demands, so you have to target it.

Admission test

After completing both steps, you have to give the admission test at your selected university. If you pass the given test, then you will be able to do MS. Otherwise, you have to choose another path.


The thesis is basically tasks given by the university to complete. You have to write a complete thesis on a given topic from your teacher. If you fail in this particular area, then the MS degree will be far away from you.


After completing every step, this one is the last but not least. Exams are the final test of every project. So, you have to pass it with good numbers.

Struggle after MS

If your mind still has any doubt related to MS degree then read above, I discussed in details. After reading plenty of articles and notes, I have a thought that about 80% of students do MS for getting a job only. What is the reason behind it? Is it poverty? Narrow thinking? Or what? We also don’t know.

After having a nationality of the USA, It will be easy for you to get a job after MS but not that much easy if you don’t have related experience. But what for the other country students who are aiming to get jobs in the USA.

If it is difficult for the residential of Americans, then it will be an impossible situation for Indians, Pakistanis, and other country people.

What drives people to the US for jobs, obviously dollars and with the extra topping of more dollars convert into rupees or some other exchange currency? But if you have completed every area of getting a job in the USA, it still requires an entire struggle, why? The answer is here

If you make a graph of international students in the USA, then you will find that around 2 million students are studying in the USA and looking for jobs after completion of their degrees. The graph of students is increasing day by day.

Possibilities of being an employee in the USA after MS

If you have completed your MS, then the internet is no big deal for you. Just sit on your laptop or computer, search about jobs related to your field and apply for them. In scrolling or searching, you will find plenty of internship programs out there. It will not matter that these are paid or unpaid because after being an internee, it will require less effort to grab the position of being a regular.

Jobs after MS

Nowadays, every single company is working on the internet, and it is obvious that most of the companies require an MS degree holder in computer science. There are a lot of businesses out there who are looking for internees like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and so on.

They open the jobs for designers, web developers, programmers, and for many other positions. Not only computer science is valuable in the USA, but you can also get every job related to your field. Like medical jobs in medicine companies, mathematicians job in colleges, school, or on other platforms. So, must do MS and apply for jobs.


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